About Caring Solutions

our story

When our mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in June of 2007, we became aware of the need for Texas home health care. There are six children in our family and we were able to work together, supporting and helping not only our mother and father, but also and just as importantly, each other. 

One of us could run to the store for groceries, while another could spend time trying to identify foods Mom could eat that had the right nutritional components.

There was always someone to do laundry and help Mom bathe, dress, and fix her hair. We were able to take turns going with her to chemotherapy and radiation treatments so she never went alone. 

During all of this, we couldn’t help but wonder how people were able to get through a difficult time like this without a large family like ours. We were told time and time again from hospital personnel and hospice staff that our situation was not typical. Most people aren’t able to take time off of work or leave their own families in another state to go and take care of a loved one.

My sister Debbie Mammel, and myself, Karen Keach, started Caring Solutions San Antonio because we know how big of a difference compassionate caregiver support makes in the life of a loved one. Everyone deserves the best support, even if their family isn’t able to step in as primary caregivers.

When the inevitable process of aging or suffering from medical conditions makes it difficult for a person to care for themselves or their loved ones, Caring Solutions can provide the compassionate elderly care services needed to help them make each day count while maintaining the sense that they are seen, heard, respected, and valued.

Our Mission

Caring Solutions San Antonio is dedicated to providing exceptional in-home care to seniors and individuals needing assistance. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for our clients by providing the compassionate, professional care needed to help them live as independently as possible while offering peace of mind for their families.

Contact us to learn more about our services, our caregivers, and how we can help you and your loved one. Interested in becoming a caregiver? Please visit our employment page for more information.